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PostSubject: Recent Events and Some Other Stuff...   Recent Events and Some Other Stuff... Icon_minitimeSat May 12, 2007 6:07 am

Hey, everyone...
well... I know I haven't talked to you all a lot here, but I'd have to say it's been a couple since I've last visited the site. I don't even know what's going on here anymore. What's up with Tobias? I hope he isn't doing anything drastic... well, if he can possibly read this at all, he should know that people he's never even really talked to directly (including me) care a lot more than he thinks. We all know that it isn't easy being sad or upset most or all of the time...
Hang in there, Tobias...
Also, just to let you know, I might be off this website (at least for a while...) I've got a lot of things I need to get accomplished and also a lot of things I need to deal with right now. Work, school, relationships are among these... after that I just have to learn to feel comfortable with everything else in my life. This website helped a little, and thanks Hanna and everybody here, but I still find it hard to type stuff like this (how I feel, what I'm scared or worried about, so on...) when I've been hiding it for so long (even myself... how bad is that?) So... still need work on that.
Anyway… just so you know. I’ll probably be back eventually… not for at least a month, though, I’d estimate. If anyone needs my support, I’m sorry I won’t be around to give it, but I will say you sincerely do have it right now. I might be in here or there for a minute or two to check in, for lack of a better phrase at the moment… so, bye then.
Good luck on everything, you guys… I really mean it, you know…
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Recent Events and Some Other Stuff...
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