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 Family Troubles

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PostSubject: Family Troubles   Family Troubles Icon_minitimeMon May 14, 2007 11:35 am

We all have them, family problems I mean. Sometimes it can be a large contribtion to our mental state of feeling so low, I know whenever my mother and step-dad get into a really worked up argument it makes me feel so pent up and sick in the stomach, a real awkward tension.
It makes you feel low as well, because arguments suck.
I have negative thoughts towards my step-dad, he is an overly simple man; far too simple for me to ever really get along with him. But I can't hate him no matter how hard I try because I see how much effort he puts into things but fails, so i guess its more of a pity.
I have no good relationship with my brother or step-siblings, I hate the concept of family altogether really, I just want to be with people who have things in common with me so we don't argue or get into disagreements, not that I fight with my parents much anymore but sometime things happen. Yeah, if you've got anything going on feel free to vent out your thoughts and feelings here. People can look but we can't be ashamed of ourselves here. I feel like we are friends...even though we have never met. At least, here we are...
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Family Troubles
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