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Maul Twilight
Maul Twilight

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PostSubject: POETRY   POETRY Icon_minitimeSat May 19, 2007 2:57 pm

This is where I demonstrate my own poetry and allow other people to maybe show their own. Its your choice, I just wanted to put up these poems that I wrote when I was in a real low and needed to express myself a while ago.
They aren't great but they helped at the time.
Please feel free to post your own stuff in here and comment about each others work. I more than welcome comments on my own.

There is no reason to live,
There is no reason to die,
Thatís why sometimes I can do nothing, but sit and look up into the sky,
Because I feel like Iím so alone,
Even when Iím not on my own,
I feel different and maybe am,
Something else that I never can,
Feel like I was meant to be,
A part of this and a part of the,
Great family that you have built,
All I feel is this awful guilt,

Like Iíll never be what you can be,
Like Iíll never see what you can see,
I was never meant to be with you,
I can tell, by the things you do,
I wish I could be good enough,
So I wouldnít feel that life was tough,
The whole world is so big and whole,
It doesnít need me to con-tin-ue to roll.
It doesnít want me, it doesnít love me,
And Iíd be blind if this I couldnít see,
Itís all that I will ever be.

Deep Dark Secrets

All of us have deep dark secrets
All you have to do is keep it
All of us have deep dark secrets
What you do is your new secret

All these things that you can hide from,
but youíll never ever be free from,
because the past is already written,
the page is turning; your spirits burning,
draw a breath and maybe keep it,
when you sow a seed,
no doubt youíll reap it,
even if you have, forgotten about it,
your seed will grow, so donít go and fight it,
never has never, come up from darkness,
everyone has it, hiding inside them,
rip it right open; expose it in starkness,
your life is over; itís just a carcass,

all these things are driving into me so heavily,
I wish I could just end this torment,
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PostSubject: Re: POETRY   POETRY Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2007 5:03 pm

I like the secon better, probably 'cause of the rhyming scheme. Used to write a lot of poetry when I was your age too. Usually also pretty dark. Just keep it up, always better to write it out than just sit with it.
Here, digged this up from deviantart. Nothing exquisite, but all personal, which is all poetry should be (to me atleast).

Freak Show

Flick on the spotlights, whenever you wish.
My life on a leash, but it won't resist
when you pull it on the stage.

My heart shrinks, seeing your sadistic smile.
Is it even yours, that vile grin on your face?
That unnatural line, forgotten, yet not erased.

Yet I find it amusing, when you direct your play.
Your eternal faÁade of human emotion.
Your perfectly played contradiction of reality.

But what happens when I forget my lines?
If I can't remember when to smile?
When your beloved crowd can see the real me?

One day I will, flee your sadistic stage.
The dramatic departure of the star of the show,
the end of The One Man Freak Show.

With no one else left to mock.
The spots will turn to you,
born to play the main part.

Climbing Moonlight.

Tonight, for us, the moon is bright,
she engulfs the world with her magnificent light,
yet I remain in darkness, unable to see,
what the things I live for are supposed to be.

I feel like falling, in a deep, dark hole.
My life stays at the edge, looking down, laughing
the reason for its joy being the reasons of my pain.
Thick branches, sticking out of the walls, reaching for me
wanting to cut me with their sharp, poisonous thorns.
and all I still see, is the beautiful moon...

As I reach for it, I float back up and the branches disappear.
I knew you're up there,
looking at me
helping me
protecting me

saving me

I go further up to reach the moon,
to find you, meet you, hug you,
to tell you you are great.
To promise you, we will meet again soon.

Now I look down from above,
it's my turn, I'll take your place,
'cause now finally, its my problems I accept, I embrace.
Now I'll protect you, I'll keep you from all harm.
'Cause you are my light, you are my charm

The Dove

I should have known it from the start,
not to let it in my heart.
The dove you sent me, wild and free,
with love that wasn't meant to be.
in the golden cage that was my heart,
it spread its wings wide apart.

Then you gave it a rose, you fed it with love,
You cherished and nourished my lively white dove.
it sat there, proud, in it's golden cage,
and wouldn't just die of it's old age.

Then came the neglect, you left it behind,
while I fed it with illusions from my ignorant mind.
It was no longer proud as its feathers fell,
but the actual reason I couldn't tell.

My illusions couldn't help it, the dove became weak,
and the rotten rose fell from it's beak.
the moment its thorns pierced my heart,
my whole world fell apart.

For I had seen it, now I know
the reason for my dove's sorrow.
You had sent another dove, but not to me,
and didn't let my dove free.
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