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 poems and stories

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PostSubject: poems and stories   Tue Aug 07, 2007 12:25 am

well Bruno told me to make a topic for poems and stories cause he is addicted to my poems Rolling Eyes so post ur poems and stories and no one steal anyone elses poemss and stories or i shall sue ill post one of mine later
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Maul Twilight

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PostSubject: Re: poems and stories   Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:05 am

The latest Short Stories from Maul Twilight...

Alone, Cold and Hunted


The Nightmare Room

I will post them as soon as I have finished reviewing them, which may take some time, as ACAH is ten pages long. Shocked
Also I can't recall if I posted both parts to "Red is the colour of Love" so let me know so I don't post a story you've already read.

Ah here we go...found some.

Window-sill, light sipping through,
red as love, and tepid root,
these are those, rending host,
no matter what you do,

Sweetest life,the nectar here,
grown in such, rare as well,
at least for those who need it most,
the rest are given fear,

Throw the line, reel it in,
what will catch, do you think?
Guilt for some and hate as well,
some would just say sin,

As the day, it tires of sadness,
I see shadows thinning,
they can see me coming near,
my soul is filled with madness,

I made that up on the spot. confused I think I'll call it...Generalization: Projected
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Number of posts : 76
Age : 25
Localisation : PA
Registration date : 2007-07-19

PostSubject: Re: poems and stories   Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:51 pm

i ike it even though it was spur of the moment haha. heres 3 of mine
The scars

I need the scars to stay
I don’t want to hurt or kill myself
I like the look of them
Don’t fix me im not broken
I just want to decorate myself with scars
I need the knife give it back
I want to be pretty I need that knife
Give it back
Give me back my knife give me back my scars and most of all give me back my life

Underneath the clothes

They’re in magazines
The beautiful skinny women
Why don’t they ever show normal sized women?
Ever wonder what’s underneath the surface?
I know what underneath the clothes
Bones and skin no fat
The fat disappears
They are ghosts underneath the clothes
These models make us want to be skinny
They make us think we are fat
They give us eating disorders
We throw up or just don’t eat
Are these really “models” or are they ghosts?
Underneath the clothes is the answer.

Those words

Those words they hit me like a bomb
You say it so casually
You don’t even care that you hurt me
You said those three words
They made me cry
They made my heart sink
They made me scream
They made me want to die
I told you this but u just ignored me
You say the words again
I start to believe them
You say “you don’t matter”
I write them over and over in my head
I get thoughts of suicide
Hate and pain and sadness in my heart and head
I cant take it any longer
I had to do it
I had to carve those words in me
So I did
They say I killed myself
But that’s not true
Those words that you said killed me
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PostSubject: Re: poems and stories   

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poems and stories
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